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Download d3dx9_40.dll

If you are having an Error saying "the program can't start because d3dx9_40.dll is missing", then you can easily fix it by downloading the file d3dx9_40.dll and placing it into the folders mentioned in the Installation instructions

Installation instructions

Download the file according to your system:
        - 32-Bit -> 32-Bit File
        - 64-Bit -> 32 Bit File + 64-Bit File

    Extract the .dll File from the downloaded Zip-File/s.

    Copy/Paste the file/s into the designated folder:

    32-Bit Windows:

    - 32-Bit Version -> C:\Windows\System32

    64-Bit Windows:

    - 32-Bit Version -> C:\Windows\SysWOW64
    - 64-Bit Version -> C:\Windows\System32

Download Sectiond3dx9_40.dll

Filename Download
d3dx9_40.dll (32-Bit)
d3dx9_40.dll (64-Bit)

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